Kalos is a women’s ministry inspired by God for the purpose of helping women fulfill their God-given purpose & discover the callings on their lives. Kalos exists to help women find healing, restoration, and to equip them with tools to accomplish all God has for them, both inside AND outside of the Church walls!


Why should you have a women’s ministry?

Women’s Ministries:

  1. Encourage unity
  2. Acknowledge the call and the fire God has instilled in each woman
  3. Instill a no turning back, faithful spirit.


Whether you have an existing ministry that needs new life, or you don’t have one at all & you don’t know where to start, we want to help you grow your church’s women and bridge the gap between the ages! We will help stir the FIRE in your women’s ministry:

Fan the flame





Some of the services we offer include: leadership books, spiritual gifts tests, training on how to grow a team, outreach ideas, resources for events and small groups, and Beauty for Ashes retreats. For more information on Beauty for Ashes, click here.


For more information or to set up an event, contact Debbie at info@kalosministry.com today!