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    A Jumping Off Place

    I remember as a child I loved to swim. I could swim all day and never think about food or rest. I was tan with long, blonde hair with a touch of lime green from the chlorine. I was a good swimmer, but hated diving off the diving board. The board seemed so far from the water. I would dive in from the concrete sides of the pool or jump off the board feet first—but don’t ask me to dive head first from the board! I would stand on the board feeling it move under my feet and just stare at the water.  The water seemed to twinkle like little stars in the sunlight. My friends would become impatient and yell, “Jump! Jump!”

    I have never been an adventurous or spontaneous person. I can imagine being in the boat with Peter when Jesus called him to step out into the water. I would be the first to encourage Peter, “Go ahead you can do it!” while I sit watching and waiting to see what happens. I like being in control and encouraging others to be brave. I want Jesus to calm my fears without requiring me to move from the safe place.

    At times , we have to get uncomfortable; dip that foot in the water and trust that Jesus is with us on this journey. Jesus is waiting for us to come to Him. To trust Him. To take that leap. Plunge in the water and be willing to step out. We never lead others to Jesus by staying on the ship or standing on the diving board. Come on! Jump in!


    “A Jumping Off Place” was written by Kalos member, Debbie Hufham.

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